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ServiceNet Medical X-ray is an x-ray service company that puts service first and because of that sales and manufacturing comes along with it as well.  ServiceNet was started by Ralph and Rob Scribner a Father son, small business that started the way a lot of family operated business do a Son looking up to his Father and a Father willing and wanting to share his knowledge with his son.

The business originally started as an x-ray and film processor service and Supply Company, offering service and the consumable products in Hospitals and Clinics throughout Southeast Ohio and West Virginia.  As the business grew Justin began working with ServiceNet another one of Ralph’s sons.

As the Industry has changed so have we, ServiceNet Medical X-ray is now a leading technology company in the new Realm of Technology known as the transformation of “Film to Digital”.  We are now one of the largest company’s working alongside many name brands such as Fuji, Carestream, Examion, Rayence and Vieworks offering both service and sales.

Expanding Across The United States

We have now started to expand our territories across the United States and have moved into the role of manufacturing many new products as well, a line of digital products known as the ServiceVet Imaging Systems it is a group of Veterinarian X-ray Tables and Equine DR cases all going back to our commitment to be at the leading edge of our industry.

As we move into 2015 we are pleased to announce that we have continued to grow and have added many valuable employees and associations with other service company’s over the years and also bringing on new partners in house so that we now offer service on many other types of products that plug into outlets in your clinics as well as a computer engineer that can build and manage your computer networks.

RalphServiceNet Medical X-ray continues to grow and expand and will always be around to serve its customers whether it be Digital or Film based.

Here is a small list of what we can help you with and it was all started by this man:

•  Digital Sales and Service
•  X-ray Equipment and Film Processor Sales and Service
•  Radiographic Supply Items
•  State Calibration and Room Installation Planning
•  Small Equipment Service and Sales
•  Computer Networking Management