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Posted by in on September 26, 2017

Justin, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for helping us get our x-ray machine up and running on Sunday. You were a life-saver in more ways than one. We got the rads we needed for the dog, did a very successful surgery on Monday, all thanks to your help. We thank you!! You made my day!

Posted by in on March 22, 2016

ServiceNet installed a ServiceVet Imaging system in 2015. They did everything they told me they would do, on time, and a good price. Rob and Justin have been great to work with even though I am in Oklahoma.  The new x-ray system makes practice more enjoyable and I am very happy with ServiceNet.

Posted by in on March 14, 2016

Servicenet exceeded my expectations of a medical x-ray provider. Although my mobile veterinary clinic required a unique setup, the company proved itself highly capable for such a challenge; the company thoroughly researched the mobile veterinary industry to ensure that it was providing the most personalized, state-of-the-art solution for my clinic’s unique needs.


Their attention to detail and customer service made me feel confident that they had the best interests of my business at heart. I will continue to look to Servicenet as a provider of medical radiology equipment, as well as an archival and storage solution provider with the cloud based PACS system they provided called QUICKPACS.

Posted by in on March 14, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to provide a reference for Rob and Justin Scribner of ServiceNet Medical X-Ray. We bought our 9 mega pixel CCD/ Cesium full body x-ray unit as well as digital dental x-ray unit with laptop computer at the end of 2012. I met Rob at the 2012 Midwest Vet Conference, he was an exhibitor. After I had personally researched and compared various different technologies and systems, Rob educated me on the pros and cons of each. He then gave me quotes for different qualities of mega pixel systems he offered that were well below/ very competitive with other sellers.


Since I had already priced the bigger outfits selling similar systems, I was frankly somewhat surprised at this and questioned if it was a bit too good to be true. I learned that the price was lower due to his direct purchase of subcomponents from the manufacturer as well as low overhead of his office. Essentially the entire full body unit (table, generator, and computer) was engineered, built, assembled, and embossed with our own personalized logo at their facility in Albany, OH. The dental unit, however, was outsourced from a supplier in New York, NY.


Justin did all of the installation at our hospital. Overall, we have been very happy with both units. Initially there were some fine-tuning issues to adjust techniques with the full body unit, but the performance was good from the beginning. Justin was especially very helpful with this and able to make adjustments over the phone using an internet connection directly into the computer. We ended up with excellent images on a consistent basis. We did have operational problems with the dental unit early after installation that both Rob and Justin worked on diligently despite the fact that it was primarily the New York firm’s responsibility. It turned out that the x-ray tube was defective out of the box as well as some software problems with the computer.


I feel that Rob and Justin went well above the call of duty to work with the manufacturer as well as on-site repair to get the whole unit working correctly. It now takes consistent, reliable, high quality images. Furthermore, I’d like to mention that Rob proved to be an exceptional help in preparing us for a State of Ohio Health Dept. inspection of the equipment. Without his help (that he charged nothing for) we would have spent thousands of dollars. I would highly recommend ServiceNet to anyone considering ANY x-ray equipment. I honestly believe it would impossible to beat their price, performance, and service.

Posted by in on March 14, 2016

We recently purchased a new digital system from ServiceNet and we couldn’t be happier.. radiographs are of outstanding quality and with cloud based storage with QUICKPACS we can quickly retrieve and view our radiographs from any computer station in our hospital or any where in the world for that matter.


The professionalism of these folks is outstanding ! Rob our salesman helped me decide what system to choose’ ordered it and on the day of installation , from the removal of the old system to installation of the new ,things went flawless. Justin, our installation expert stayed until late that evening and returned early the next morning to make sure we could take our radiographs and made sure they were awesome.. He has responded to any and all calls and even logs on a night remotely to look at our radiographs and fine tunes the technique to make sure they are of ultimate quality..  If you want the best in equipment and service this company is in my opinion impossible to beat.